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The Foot Care Room has strict hygiene and care policies which enable us to offer treatments to the highest clinical standards.

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To book an appointment with your podiatrist, please telephone 01642 917169.

Patients have the right to expect to be treated in a safe, clean environment and to know that any reusable instrument has been decontaminated according to the level of clinical risk encountered. The prevention and control of healthcare acquired infections is a high priority of The Foot Care Room and as such is embedded into everyday practice.

All instruments are fully cleaned and decontaminated in accordance with a process outlined by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs) have been put in place to reduce the risk of transmission of micro-organisms during health care activities. These are necessary to ensure the safety of patients, health care workers and visitors to health care settings/environments.

We take our hygiene procedures very seriously and if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding this matter you can ask your podiatrist or contact us

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